Thursday, November 18, 2010

what's love?

It has been a while since my last 'serious relationship'. Ever since then I took ‘extra precautions’ whenever to start a new one. It’s not like I’m the typical choosy person. What really a matter is just that I’m getting really tired of getting frustrated hurt etc.[after several failure].. I’m not d type that have all those ridiculous ‘women’s check list’ on a man..hahaha, but I do consider good behaviour to find my soul mate. It has taught me a lot all these while.

Most Some guys simply think that when a woman likes them, it has to be something [that bare eyes may see] on them [looks, wealth etc]. Come on guys, its not like all women [atleast not me] are searching for those material things that u have [as if woman cant have it on their own, considering right now woman are getting good pay as well as man ;p]..for me its d attitude that counts. And the most of all, I really love guys that have a good head on their shoulder. Knows how to act on a specific moment, handle wrong things right, good point of view <--yes, this really make me fall..huhu, yes I do like smart guy but I hate guys that are trying to be smart..hahaha got what I mean? Hahahaha..

I’m d talkative type and I love to talk to someone who gives me good feedback [it’s not like ‘intellectual conversation’ all d time, just some good answers that atleast can make me smile..haha]…ok wait a minute, did I said I don’t have any check list? Hahaha..nuh, I don’t consider this as a check list..this is abstract..diff people have diff ways to act..and I just love to watch em. Its not like I’m grading em huhu..u know, ones said that a man can love a million girl, but only a real man can love ONE GIRL in a million ways, hak3

It’s funny when u like someone and trying hard to express it to them, and they just simply ‘not interested in u' [more likely they just simply don’t like u, much more worse they even hate u more then their existing enemies, trying to avoid u as if they’re the hottest in ahax]. But it is even funnier when someone likes u a lot, and trying hard to express em to you [they even confess] and u just feel not right [aah, this feeling is killing me right now..damn it] mom once said “women instinct is the best thing to trust..more than what your eyes may see.. Ignore all those behaviour, the most important thing is just that u will know [strong feelings at first sight] who d right one for you” there goes puan Leha..u’re the best!

i'm not the type that turn off people just like that. i will give them a chance to try..But this time, I just don’t feel right..perhaps i cant find sincerity. i'm not sure which part, but it just dont feel right [ok, i'm repeating these words again and again]..i just dont wanna lost a friendship..gosh its killing me..

Some says love is just like a gamble in life, just give a shot, u never know what’s your luck [and yes I’ve done this before, and it doesn’t really works on me..huuhu, and seriously I AM AFRAID TO GAMBLE THIS WAY AGAIN] and some said that when IT comes, it just come..Its not like something that u can even force to have one, and its not even a thing that u may get in any store..huhu

ok stop it right there..i hate this post..dots

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