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Favorite Sikh Cuisine in Malaysia

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Being a Malaysian always give me an advantage in making friends with multi-races and multi-religious background. According to Wikipedia, there are approximately 230,000 Sikh in Malaysia. There are 119 Gudwara in Malaysia where 45 of them were stated in Perak. Since I am from Melaka, the most popular Gudwara were stated in the heart of the city; Gudwara Sahib Melaka. I have been passing by this Gudwara ever since I was a kid. This Gudwara are not only active with lots of event, it also brings most of my Sikh friends together in a lot of family activities.

Back in 1996, when I was in primary school, Convent of Sacred Heart, Melaka; I have a few Sikh friends who wears colorful clothes and went to the Gudwara for some special events. Being a curious and talkative kid (as always) has makes me figure out that there are several annual event, celebrating their Gurus special day. But what has attract me the most is, THE FOOD that they have each and every-time they celebrate events. Most of the times, my friend would share their photos whereby they actually have their family time together. They will cook these food by themselves, together with other Sikh families.

Malaysia is one of the place where you may find lots of traditional foods from many races. From Malay to Chinese and also the Sikh. Highly rated with the cleanliness food preparation, Sikh traditional food are very popular in Malaysia. Even though we might get mixed up with some other Indians foods, Sikh traditional food are actually different from the Indians. I myself has a few favorite list. Here are some of their cuisine that has been listed as my favorite. In this particular post, I would like to share the great Sikh food that you may easily find in Malaysia:

1. Prata
Prata is a flat bread from whole wheat flour; water and some salt. Usually, layers of Ghee will be used during the cooking, a great prata is always cooked on the wooden stove as you will taste it differ from the one you cooked on conventional stove. This is the basic food that they have where it is must be eaten with other dishes as well. They also have different type of prata. They have Ghee Prata, Aloo Prata (stuffed with potatoes) and also Chicken Prata (prata stuffed with spicy chicken). 

2. Chicken Tikka
This is my favorite dish above all others. It is boneless chicken; marinated with special sauce, and baked in clay oven (traditionally and most of Sikh restaurant here remain the traditional way of cooking it). It usually served with special green sauce and also tamarind sauce. However, my personal favorite would always be pinching some lemon on top of the chicken. This is one beauty piece of Sikh Cuisine will always good to be eaten on its own.  

3. Lassi Drink
Basically; lassi is a yogurt drink that was blended together with spices. But it has been altered in Malaysia whereby they actually replace the spices to other fruits or flavoring. This includes strawberry lassi, mango lassi and also avocado lassi. This actually gave an amazing taste and a great combination.  

These great foods were actually prepared and served to be eaten together during Sikh festival. Each steps in preparing and serving is the most important part in bringing all of them together. Having it with families and friends shows that Sikh has really valued the bonding among them. Eating good food is fun, but having it with others would be more meaningful.

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