Tuesday, February 10, 2015

charcoal that did well

Salam Readers,

eh? kenapa? terkejut ke ada entry ke empat hari ni? hehe sesambil tunggu masuk isyak, plus ya.. aku masih bertenaga untuk menulis.. aku pun pelik.. dari mana datang tenaga sejak dari jam 3:15 pagi tadi.. aneh.. memang aneh.. sungguh misteri nusantara.. haha this simple entry would give simple message but very deep meaning.. huhu

everybody is the same, but what differ them will be their attitude, how they keep a good head on their shoulder and how they act into challenges coming.. and of course lah.. di sisi allah, what differ us the most is our good deeds, responsibilities towards perkara2 wajib and so on kan? huhu

after all, everybody are just charcoal.. only the one who did well under pressure is excellent :) 

it is true that tough time wont last.. but tough people do.. just like the diamond right? ok, dah dengar panggilan azan.. mari solat rakan..

p/s: A very wise man once told me, if you survive working under me (my supervision) you will survive anywhere.. hehe that stick in my mind like forever.. in shaa allah Dr. Kasim, I will survive anywhere.. hehe

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