Sunday, February 20, 2011

sunday blues

There are things that might be too complicated and too rediculous to expect for a simple situation around us. Things that challenge our ego, provoke our emotions and overthrow our pride and dignity. Some says that it's not the situation that sparks the stress, it's the people within that situation who did. It is so true. But to me, being in a complicated situation is way much better than feeling nothing at all. Its not like being all alone is much better than being with others, rite? Just say it if there's something wrong.. rather than running away.. it's not like i'm chasing you.. but, deep within me, i really need an explaination.. i just dont know how to ask for it, from you.. if there are things that i've done wrong, i'm sincerely saying.. I'M SORRY

p/s: I have to admit, I am really true to myself and flown away a little bit emotional when I'm writting in English.

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