Thursday, May 19, 2011

Divert and take a scenic route

i have to take myself less serious.. u know what they always say.. don't take life too seriously.. or else you'll just never get out of it ALIVE.. hahaha.. its a funny quote but it really do make sense.. when you put too much pressure on any reachable or unreachable target, you may not gonna get to them just because you are way too serious that you might tend to forget what is the most important point in doing it..

however pressure is a necessity in a mission of reaching for the stars.. we always have to find extra guts to stop wishing and start resolving.. we have to focus in doing what ever things that we do.. however, always expect for the worse and prepare for the best.. why do we prepare for the best? because the best will never stop being better.. and that is where we double up the pressure..

in life, we might not see good opportunity everyday.. there are no such opportunity as small one.. big chances always start with small ideas.. we just have to do small things in a great way.. its how you see that other people saw it as a common matters differently.. creativity shown not only on drawing canvas.. it might be expressed in the way you act in your daily routine.. change the perception of being lame everyday.. because to me, everyday is a fascinating day.. interesting scenes happen everyday.. its either you are just too busy with your life that makes u missed all of them OR u might give a chance to yourself to FEEL the air that you breath everyday.. be much more sensitive with others and the environment around you.. and you'll always get the interesting part somewhere.. :-)

what's better than watching waves on you feet huh? hehhe

sense of denial is normal to every failure.. i admit that i'm now denying my guilt.. but anyway, there's no point in regretting or getting mad for shit that happens around us.. seriously anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.. we are sometime a fool.. but we absolutely don't wanna stuck on that phase like, FOREVER right? so peeps, lets divert and take a scenic route for a better day of living.. but the question is, do you dare to take the 'move on' challenge? I DARE U to do so..

realizing that every sky do have its silver lining..

p/s: hey, its an English entry.. u know that I'm getting emotional on something for some good reason.. huhu its damn serious that makes me wanna listen to good music hoping that i have the guts to get rid of it.. amin.. see you in my Bali entry.. wuuuhuuu~~~