Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crazy Marriage Proposal

love do drive people crazy.. but seriously, this dude wins.. hahahaha

it is like the best 'sweet+i wanna kill u+i will remember this forever' moment..

girls, if there's a guy who crazy enough to do crazy things for you, he's definitely crazy about you :) .. and vice versa :( [yes, the truth hurts.. hehe] .. i would like to wish all of single ladies out there including me.. best of luck baby.. kah kah kah

and guys, yes.. we, girls love the excitement within relationship.. so, do you dare to be a little out of your mind to spark this feeling? hahaha, i dare you to do so... :) by the way, this vids proof that this guy prefer to jump off the roof rather than saying these words "will you marry me?" hahahaha.. epic!

p/s: there are a lot of people out there who work really hard just to jeopardize other's position.. and that's just for their own personal satisfaction.. yeah, you're such an evil..

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