Wednesday, July 6, 2011

impossible is nothing

i am impressed with some people out there who were paid for their voices.. not specifically for singer but more to lecturers and motivators.. these people get high pay for their thoughts and also their TALKS.. [too bad for the inaudible person who hardly have any ideas in any impromptu speech to be in these profession].. it is so amazing that people actually pay them really well for each hours of their talks.. this is where i see the real value of "time is money".. haha sounds too materialistic but that is what i wanna be.. someday..

however, today i realize something much more impressive.. there are also people who were highly paid for being SILENCE.. they were paid much more higher than those who were paid for their voices.. impressive isn't it? [though i know it is really difficult for a talkative person like me..haha].. after all, most of the bribe cases were meant for people to remain silence... right? but that is not my point.. what i mean is that; there are some professions that requires us to remain silence.. because the quieter you are, the more you may hear..

nothing is impossible.. or shall i say impossible is nothing

goosebumps ~~

p/s: actions speaks louder than words..

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